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Buffer Vessels are part of cryogenic gas separation units. The Argon gas extracted from the atmospheric gas with designed system is stored continuously at a consistent pressure and purity. Liquid Carbon Dioxide Storage Vessel is used to cater various domestic and industrial applications to meet the required amount of media at desired temperature, pressure and flow. The tank is integrated with the auto operated refrigeration and chiller unit to maintain the pressure and temperature of the media in the tank. Oxygen Gas Storage Vessel is a part of Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption system. The system consists of single, double and triple bed adsorbent system; the drawn air is compressed and send it to adsorbent vessel to remove the impurities; leaving 90-94 percent of pure oxygen as a product. The storage and transport vessels for the same are of critical importance

We design these vessels for capacity normally ranging from 100m3 to 200m3; working pressure upto 25 bar, diameter ranging 3000mm up to 3150mm and thickness up to 28mm, as per ASME section VIII division-I, IS2825, PD5500, etc; and supply under CCOE in various fields like Beverages, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, and a few more.