• Thermal Deaerators Spray Cum Tray Type Design, Stork Spray Type Design
  • Pressure Vessels & Columns Air Receivers, RO Cleaning, RO Cartridge Filters, Filter Separators, Steam And Water Drums, Blow Down Tanks, Flash Tank, Buffer Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Skid Mounted Equipment’s Dosing Systems, Customized Skids
  • Certificates & Approvals


Since 20 years from its establishment, Ravi Industries till date has close to 2000 installations of its varied range of products all over the globe. Looking at our track records for efficient solutions, prompt service, attention to quality and principled business practices, today Ravi Industries has emerged as an exceptional manufacturer of Pressure vessels, Thermal Deaerators, Chemical Injection & Energy saving Equipment and Skids; that services large scale industries.

Taking this as an achievement, we present below, just a glimpse of some of our clients.