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RAVI INDUSTRIES is proud of its protracted fabrication inheritance in heavy fabrication. Our manufacturing facility consists of three (3) dedicated units comprising a total area of 80000 feet² with covered shed and separate handling facilities for Stainless steel and Carbon steel material. Salient features of a stat of an art infrastructure can only be briefed as:-

  • We have a highly focused and dedicated design team, supported by the latest software / design tools and amenities for in house Thermal and Mechanical Design conforming to International Standards such as, ASME, TEMA,DIN, IS, BS, IBR, etc

  • Lift capacity of 95 tons with the aid of nine (9) EOT cranes covering each corner of manufacturing floors and innovative offhand handling arrangements confirms the secure handling of bulky material and safety of working personnel at shop floor

  • CNC Plasma Profile cutting machine with 3000mm x 15000mm cutting bed and has the provision of plasma as well as gas cutting with auto adjusting height arrangements, facilitate the profile cutting of any complex shape with highest accuracy and efficiency

  • In house rolling facility gives our facility the contemporary edge over the conventional fabrication shop philosophy. We have two Rolling Machines electromagnetically and hydraulically operated with pre-punching facility that can roll upto 70mm thickness plates. Apart from above two machines we have an additional rolling machine dedicated to roll the as small as 300mm diameter shell

  • In house dished end making facility highlights the testimony of our manufacturing capability. We have two Dished End making machines installed at our two separate units that can press up to 40mm thickness and 4000mm diameterDished ends. We have proven expertise in making Torispherical, Semi-ellipsoidal and Hemispherical dished ends

  • Two Automatic Sub Merged Arc (SAW) welding machines to produce extremely efficient, defect free welding

  • Compressed air piping complete with compressor and air receiver laid across the shop to facilitate required pneumatic testing at any point turns our facility into an ultra-modern fabrication solution