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Steam And Water Drums

Being the integral part of Boiler, Steam and Water drums are necessarily classified high pressure tanks. Higher working pressure leads to the elevated thickness requirement for the vessels. Hence manufacturing of these drums requires the ultimate combination of Design abilities, advanced fabrication facilities and authorization of associated statutory requirements.
Considering our “know-how” competency and stat of an art manufacturing facility, we are the preferred partners for efficient manufacturing of these higher thickness vessels.

Blow Down Tanks

The bleed off / Startup / Residual steam at the various junction in an Thermal power plants are collected and allowed to condensate in the Blow Down Tanks. There are typically two types of commonly required BDT in a power plant viz. Intermediate Blow Down (IBD) and Continuous Blow down tank (CBD). Categorized as a low pressure vessel, BDTs are the integral part of any Thermal Power plant.

Blow Down Heat Recovery Unit

Significant amount of precious energy is lost while steam condensation in BDT. With our innovative design solution, we have come up with the product of Blow Down Heat Recovery Tanks. Waste heat of blow down is used for indirect preheating of furnaces oil or boiler feed water thus reducing the steam consumption / electrical load and steam consumption in deaerator respectively. It avoids the loss of water, visibility of steam due to blow down flash steam helping the environmental clause. Pay back of system is as low as six month and is feasible for as small as 1TPH boiler. Flash Tank

Flash Tank
Expansion Tank
Condensate Tank