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Thermal Deaerators

Deaerator Working Video
Spray Cum Tray Type Design

In high-pressure boilers, presence of dissolved oxygen is undesirable as it leads to corrosion of wetted parts and it must be removed prior to Boiler. A Thermal Deaerator is the Equipment used to remove the dissolved oxygen from Boiler feed water. This equipment consists of Deaeration Tower along with Storage tank. The temperature of boiler feed water is increased by addition of steam and deaeration of water is achieved by the scrubbing action with the aid of spray nozzles.

We have core competencies in designing, manufacturing and testing the Deaerators as per Per ASME section VIII Division I and IBR for capacity from 1m3/hr. to 300m3/hr. deaeration. Guaranteed oxygen removal up to 0.007PPM, Simple & Safe construction and Vibrations free performance are the key parameters of our Deaerators. This equipment also has accessories like level switches, pressure relief valve, vacuum breaker, level gauges, vent valves, etc. and we also supply total control instrumentation package on customer requirements. We have over 400 installations globally of Spray cum Tray type design.

Stork Spray Type Design

Many decades of experience have given the Stork spray type deaerator a unique place in the deaerating industry. The patented design has been used world-wide in power plants and industrial installations. With more of 100 years of experience and more than 2000 references, this kind of Deaerator is applicable in power generation, process and chemical industry. It’s standard capacity is from 10 to 2500 t/h and it operates up to fully demineralised water.

We have technology licensing with Storkand our facilities and manufacturing quality has been approved by Stork.